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Analytics for your EV, finally.

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Personal fuel economy triumphs in government competition.

Get Your Personal Fuel Economy Label

How much gas can you save in a new car?

A Personal Label for Every Owner

Your report will show you predicted future fuel costs for each vehicle you are considering based on your driving habits run through simulations of those vehicles. This way you can accurately compare the prices of your prospective vehicles. You can view a sample report here to see exactly how this works. MyCarma myLabel is ($495) complimentary at participating dealerships.

Each report includes:

Your current fuel economy & estimated annual fuel costs

Simulated fuel economy & annual fuel costs on prospective vehicles

Your potential savings

Sample Report

View Sample Report

"We just filled up for the first time. It cost us $40 and we’ve driven almost 600km, I thought something was wrong with the pump. Thank you SO, SO much for showing us that a Prius V was such a good fit for us."

- Ken D

Predicting fuel costs has never been so simple.

Sign Up

1. Sign Up

Sign up to receive your personal MyCarma analysis. We will schedule a convenient time for you to stop by a local car dealership that can clip the logger in for you.

Clip in

2. Clip In

When you stop by the local car dealership they will setup the logger (thumb-sized) and clip it into your car.

Easy and simple. This generally takes about 5 minutes start to finish.

Drive naturally and swing back by the dealership a week later.

Review & Save

3. Review & Save

When you come back to the local dealership, they will upload your data for you. Our system will crunch the numbers and produce your results in about 5 minutes.