40+ years of vehicle design experience
3 PhDs
1 serious desire to help people save money on gas.

MyCarma Composite


MyCarma is a division of CrossChasm Technologies. Founded in 2007, CrossChasm has been working with vehicle manufacturers to design high-efficiency vehicles that have great performance in the real world. CrossChasm continues this work today and has a client list that includes the largest car manufacturers in the world. Through this work, we keep seeing one big problem.

The Your Mileage Will Vary Problem

The premium to buy a high-efficiency vehicle (ie. hybrid) is absolute and known. The fuel costs however, is a guess. And since fuel savings vary wildly depending on your usage pattern, many people shy away from these vehicles even when they could save them a lot of money. The Your Mileage Will Vary problem is unnecessarily costing families a lot of hard-earned dollars.

The Opportunity.

Solve the Your Mileage Will Vary issue and you give people the numbers they need to make a decision they’ll be happy with; both on the day they buy the vehicle and when they are filling it up three years later. So we went through our bag of tools to find a way to solve this. And by adapting a tool we use in our CrossChasm work, called model-based design, we came up with MyCarma and its big brother, FleetCarma.

Launched in 2012, MyCarma generates the most accurate fuel cost estimate available by basing the entire analysis on your driving habits. The result is a satisfied car owner that knows which vehicles do AND don’t fit their usage, before they buy. And that translates to saved money and emissions.

The MyCarma team boasts a proven track record, with a combined 40 years of advanced vehicle expertise and 11 industry awards.