EcoBoost – Who said you can’t be fuel efficient and have a lot of power?

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There are three key core technologies that EcoBoost has to offer:

  • Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT)
  • Direct Injection
  • Turbocharger

Similar to SkyActiv technology, EcoBoost also increases compression ratio by using direct injection. EcoBoost technology allows engines to deliver power and torque consistent with large engine displacement. These engines are 20% more fuel efficient and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.

To understand EcoBoost, we need to understand how turbos work. Turbos use exhaust gases to spin small turbines that force extra air into the engine to increase power. They recycle car waste (exhaust gasses) and also consume more fuel when needed to provide the driver more power. This is beneficial for larger cars because there is no need of installing a larger engine. A smaller engine is also lighter and the lighter weight of smaller motors translates to better all-around performance.

EcoBoost was designed for highway driving, but there is little to no advantage in city driving. A Ford EcoBoost vehicle is able to accelerate into fast-moving traffic while providing the driver with more control over a regular model. On a city drive, drivers can find it more difficult to control due to the hard acceleration at each stop light.

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