Happy Anniversary MyCarma!

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We are proud to announce that MyCarma will be celebrating its one year anniversary today (August 1, 2013)! MyCarma is a unique and personal tool that helps individuals looking to purchase a new vehicle make the most efficient decision based on how they drive in their current vehicle. We’ve had a great first year with many successes to celebrate.

MyCarma was first rolled out at Don Valley North Toyota in Toronto. Since then, we have launched in three other dealerships in Ontario, and are scheduled to launch out west and in the States this month.

We were also very humbled to have received the Popular Choice Award for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Apps for Vehicles Challenge. For us, the popular vote was the most important part as it represents the voice of exactly who MyCarma is built for. You.

MyCarma has been a great addition to the CrossChasm family and we are excited by how responsive dealerships and individuals have been to the product. Increasing prices in fuel is a concern for many car owners, so our mission is to help customers make the most efficient purchase while also helping dealerships increase sales. MyCarma still has a long way to go, but the first year has been an incredible journey.

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