MyCarma Shines in AJAC Eco-Run Event

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Last month, the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) held an event called Eco-Run. The purpose of this event was to showcase popular fuel-efficient vehicles as solutions to the issue of rising gasoline prices. These vehicles included hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles, diesel vehicles, and some conventional vehicles with advanced technologies.

22 AJAC journalists volunteered to drive the 22 participating vehicles from Ottawa to Montreal over the course of 3 days. The concept of this event was taken from England’s historic London to Brighton run for vintage cars- cool, huh?

More importantly, Eco-Run was a competition to crown the most fuel-efficient driver among the 22 participants. This was determined using none other than our MyCarma logging system. At the end of each leg, our on-site employees interpreted the data and concluded which journalists drove the most fuel-efficient. At the end of each day, a driver was awarded the ‘Green Jersey’.

eco run

The results were based off the amount of fuel consumed over highway and city drive cycles. As an overall average, electric vehicles consumed the least amount of fuel per litre over the span of 100km, and diesel vehicles consumed the most amount of fuel per litre over the span of 100km. Both the hybrid and gasoline categories of vehicles had the largest variety available for the event in comparison to the other categories.

In general, most of the vehicles averaged a lower combined L/100km in comparison to NRCan ratings. The hybrid vehicles all averaged a higher combined L/100km in comparison to their respective NRCan ratings, and there were a few gasoline vehicles that averaged higher as well. Click here to see the fuel consumption summary of all vehicles.

The integration of MyCarma into this event was successful as we were able to open the eyes of the 22 journalists and show the discrepancy between generalized and personalized fuel economy. They were able to experience firsthand how their driving behaviour affects their own fuel economy. Personalizing your fuel economy can lead to making a better judgement on your next vehicle purchase.

Actual results may vary? I don’t think so. Personalize your fuel economy with MyCarma.

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