Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us.

Where does the logger plug in?

The logger plugs into the diagnostic port. This port has been mandated to be on all vehicles since 1997. This is the port that the mechanic plugs into when your “Check Engine” light comes on.

What vehicles does your logger work on?
The logger works on almost all vehicles that are from 1997 or newer. As part of vehicles having to have a diagnostics port they are supposed to send specific signals. Our system reads those specified signals. There are a few vehicles that don’t comply perfectly with the regulations, but fortunately most do.
What signals are you logging?
We are capturing basic info about usage. This includes vehicle on/off, speed, and engine load. These are the basic signals that we can use to properly identify your usage patterns and the fuel your engine is consuming.
How does your system predict my fuel on other vehicles?

The core part of the MyCarma system is what we call our “vehicle library”. This is a library of computerized vehicle models. Each model represents a vehicle. For instance, we have a Toyota Prius model that replicates the performance of the actual Toyota Prius. Within that model we have a mathematical model of each component, including the battery, motors, and engine.

The system then feeds the vehicle library with your usage pattern. As a result you can the best possible estimate of the fuel you would use on each of the vehicles in the library.