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You are shopping for a new vehicle. You have a few prospects but your search has been brought to a standstill because your concern for rising fuel prices has invoked a pit of anxiety too painful to address.

You question the accuracy of online fuel calculators and “actual mileage will vary” quotes. Unfortunately the diminishing quality of your current vehicle is quickly tearing down your wall of denial, forcing you to face your fears.


MyCarma can give you an easy way out by calculating your future fuel costs (and lower your blood pressure) for you, requiring very little effort on your part.

How it works.

All you have to do is set up an appointment to go into your local dealership, where they provide you with a data logger. The dealership will clip the thumb-sized logger into your car for you, you will drive your car as usual for a week, and then you will bring it back into the dealership where they will give you your report.

Your report will show you predicted future fuel costs for each vehicle you are considering based on your driving habits run through simulations of those vehicles. This way you can accurately compare the prices of your prospective vehicles. You can view a sample report here to see exactly how this works. MyCarma myLabel is ($495) complimentary at participating dealerships.

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